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Ten Years, Baby!: Everything2 Decaversary Interviews: kalen

Current status: Living in London, working as a fractional tech leader for a variety of mid-sized companies.

Legends: People who helped me when I joined this site in 2002 include: Trina, SharQ, wertperch, fuzzy and blue, kozmund, Teiresias, Eco, liveforever, Glowing Fish. If you're new here then you could do a lot worse than to bug these wonderful people for help.



Theme: Pinyin, Hu Jintao, Politburo Standing Committee, Smoking in China, Learning Chinese, November 10, 2002, Shaolin Temple, Chinese Characters, jiaozi, chinglish, One World, One Dream. Figured the theme yet?

You liked: Fair dinkum Australian nicknames; the South will rise again; Hayes Creek Pub. These were fun to write, other people seemed to like them too!

You loathed: Why are we wasting money in space?, So what ever happened to Yahweh's drinking buddies?, Why can't Starbucks sell "small," "medium," and "large" drinks?, downvota, The Wikipedia Joke. But then, others liked 'em. Can't please everyone!

Most rewarding comments from: American Individual, Kessel run, Please don't send your resume.

Chronology: Joined October 24, 2002; Level 2 November 27, 2002; Level 3 February 21, 2003; Level 4 May 17, 2005; then in 2008 the level requirements changed.

Current mentee: The venerable mentoring system has been retired. Thanks to the excellent mentees I enjoyed over the period!

Contact (no Zs!): Zshannonkr at Zgmail dot Zcom

Copyright: Contact me if you wish to use any of my "works" for any purpose. My terms are fair and include any/all updates I might make to "commentary" style work like Hu Jintao, pinyin, or nautical mile. I honestly didn't think it was necessary to include this paragraph, but recent events have shown me otherwise!



Why We Nuke. There used to be an essay here relating to an old dispute. But as "we" no longer "nuke" anymore (apparently!) it's all become a bit redundant. If you're interested, you can see the essay on my scratch pad.