Some people say the 'I code' when they in fact are just typing plain HTML:

<html><body>look ma, I got a homepage!</body></html>

Now, I can understand some people yearn for the glory and respect that all coders receive, being of upper class in the modern society, but it is really not only incorrect but foolish to call that coding.

Again, if the HTML is not plain but includes, say, Javascript (it's counted as language! It is! Like basic!), or those server-side "not-quite-HTML" languages, I can understand, but NOT for the plain HTML.

Yes, I can see that word "coding" could apply to any act of creating a description to tell an item how to behave, yet to me it seems that term has attached strongly enough to specifically creating actual applications through way or another instead of merely formatting (if HTML was code, with same logic plain text would be as well, as it contains characters that are instructions of what to display on screen). Is the line between these two clear? Maybe not, but it is out there somewhere, making justifiability of calling HTML 'code' near zero while same for, say, hello.c near JUST_MAX.


So combining those, we get that whatever made with language that is turing-complete, that it, it has POTENTIAL for conditionals, even if it is not used in "application", makes it markup? Or should we, now, have to call hello world a "mark-up" ?