Skepsis ry is a finnish association of skeptics. Its announced goals are:

Further based on their webpages, it was founded in 1987 modelling after CSICOP and is a member of ECSO and Finnish Council of Scientific Organizations. It also publishes a magazine called "Skeptikko" (Skeptic) quarterly, focusing in examination of paranormal phenomena.

This having said, as a member (well, I read the magazine, that's all) of said organization, I must say I understand why certain proponents of, shall we say, extravagant theories don't think too highly of Skepsis. Despite claims for independence, dealing with such absurdities as anthroposophy and homeopathy has forced a quite critical attitude.

Though at least once a year an article suggests skeptics to refrain from excessive sarcasm, large number of skeptics have adopted a biting sarcasm (or as we say here in Finland, "vittuilua". Non-translatable.) as their weapon of choice, and wield it with varying success. The magazine features a column by "Bara Normal" (in swedish "bara" means 'only') which outright mocks paranormal phenomena, and other articles don't always fall much short. Nevertheless, if the attitude is forgiven, at least I find the articles usually sufficiently researched and informative, if sometimes a bit rambling.

To balance for the sometimes hostile attitude, the magazine also features articles by proponents of paranormal, though reading them, I can imagine if I was such a researcher I'd accuse them of straw manning by choosing the worst kooks to write articles. Still, their sometimes a tad incoherent ramblings are most of the time replied to with at least courtesy and a proper treatment, assuming such is possible (sometimes the theories are so far out there really isn't any common ground...).

Skepsis also has published at least two books I know of, Paholaisen Asianajaja (Devil's Advocate) and Paholaisen asianajan paluu (Return of the Devil's Advocate), which are somewhat more literary continuations of the magazine's attacks on the absurd and the pseudosciencen.

Finally, the legendary Niilo Paasivirta has published a troll on their pages. This fact is not to be taken lightly.