I was stationed on Marcus Island in the early 60's. Was in the first crew that built that place. We built the runway. I was there the day they landed a Lockheed Constellation to pick up an injured civilian. I myself was injured from a scaffolding collapse and taken to the kakui for treatment. Took the ride to the top of the tower. No one tried to jump off it while I was there.

Power was by Cummins V12 diesels that drove 400 KW generators and the waste exhaust heat made fresh water. We had a swimming pool filled with brackish water. Terrible design. I was the ham radio operator W5INO. There was a small channel on the south side. We tried to blast a new one on the west side, never got it done before I left. Each time we set off explosives the sharks moved in to get the dead fish. I was an ET1 and got out of the coast guard after 8 years.