while the moon hangs pendulous in its warm scrotum of the night
and the planets start cooking ideas and whisper amongst themselves
mansur turns his sky about him at fifty four thousand parsecs an hour.
and from some long forgotten ancient room a small voice reminds him
that god's name is mansur among milliard others.
and the voice of mansur proclaims 'i am truth'.
and the feet of mansur take him wandering, everywhere proclaiming
'i am truth'.
the ground obligingly rolls beneath his fourteen billion year vastness
and eden his swaddling shroud rushes from all sides in an embrace.
so in defense of their god whose name is ar rahman, the most merciful,
the mullah led public tie a rope around the twice blaspheming neck
restoring the old order before mansur's holy crime of running his mouth.
and for a moment the luminous night dips and warps to show its teeth.
the animal voice of mansur chokes a pardon for the blood lusting righteous.
iblis himself dared question the wisdom and will of the present and visible god.
a monkey knows not what it does or which idol compels its movements.
as the animal face of mansur begins to swell and turns purple
and his body jolts and jerks in a dance of frantic protest
all the stars shine coolly forth with objectless vision.