I played Poker Tonight.

♠ ♣ ♥

The cards flew my way as I sipped my iced tea. I scanned the eyes, trying to catch a glimpse of a tell before I glanced at my hand. One twitchy look warned me of a high pocket pair from chair number four. He sat on big blind. My cards were KK. I raised, with three callers and one more raise from number four. I capped it. We now have 5 players in for 40 each.

The flop came KA2 rainbow. I flopped a set of kings, but what does chair 4 have? I checked the flop hoping to check raise the turn for more money. “Check around”, the dealer announced as he threw down a Jack on fourth street. Chair four came out betting. I raised and the others folded. Chair four raised again and I capped it. Two players with 360 in the pot.

The river came. The board now reads KA2JJ. My hands are shaking. Earlier I put this guy on a top pair. He comes out betting. ‘All or nothing’, I think to myself as I raise. We cap again and he turns over Big Slick and reaches for the pot. I turn over my pocket kings and the dealer pushes 520 my way. Chair four is broke and on the rail.