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When I was new here I decided to comport myself humbly until I got a clue. Decided to join the flashfiction horserace (07) but I didn't understand about the title or the links....ooh, the links are actually the best part! When other noders gave me a clue I loved linking to Fur coat criticism and Firebombing of Dresden among others...

I can't think of a better bio than to quote what I wrote for the English version of the assoziations-blaster (try it at

When people asked what I wanted to be when I grew up I'd answer, I want to be a biscuit. Knobby brown crust, hot and soft inside. Snuggling up against the other biscuits, always ready for butter or jam. Split me in half and watch the steam rise. So far it's been the perfect career choice.

Physically I am currently in Australia, so I will be awake when most of y'all are asleep, giving thanks for the way everything2 so divinely supports asynchronous collaboration. Ooops! *bats away the big words gathering like vultures*