I am sitting with a friend of mine. We'd met a few months earlier. She'd recently started dating another of my friends, so we had started to see each other much more often.

She brushes up against me, and I reflexively shrink away. I begin debating in my mind whether I should tell her about how uncomfortable I am about touching other people. On one hand, it's my right to refuse being touched when I don't want to be. On the other hand, this touch was probably very innocuous to her, and it might seem a bizarre imposition to ask to avoid even accidental touching. Despite the discomfort that touching produces, I also know that I should allow myself to become used to this sort of contact.

While I'm hesitating, she touches her forehead to mine, looking into my eyes. The eye contact is unbearable; I close my eyes. An aura of energy spreads from the point of contact throughout my head and down my spine.

The aura has created a deep connection from the center of my being to the center of hers. I am terrified; the debate is over. I have to put a stop to this. But it's too late. My fear is replaced with helpless resignation. I know that she can see every last bit of my ugliness, evil, and stupidity.