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  • Late for school and panicky. Deborah was in the lobby when I dragged in the stubby Christmas tree. She looked at it and me with disapproval. In the bathroom there was a boy sitting blankly in my stall and I pretended to be invisible as I peed. Dusik was MAD that I was late for the spelling test. The words were dear, Laplander, electric decimal.
  • Sally was flirting with one of the kids, which made me sick and nervous, she's in her 50s. She yanked a red Twizzler away from him and twirled it like a lariat.   Do you know what a lariat is?   He nodded.   A lasso.   She smiled and cooed and ruffled his hair. Someone asked me if people ever make out in cars in the parking lot. I had a lie all ready but was distracted.
  • in the pool with all the kids. We cordoned them off so they wouldn't bother us. Deborah spoke to me in hushed tones about some joke I'd told the kids. Inappropriate, she hissed.
  • The beautiful lesbian in front of the school wouldn't talk to me
  • I lied and told Alex I'd gotten an email telling me to read his new book. He pestered me for details -   an email from WHO??? what did it SAY???   leontyne.com, I said, hoping he wouldn't check.
  • I walked her through the empty city, talking sense to her and kicking leaves
  • Trying to find a parking spot at the printer's. It took me about half an hour to park. Went inside and snagged a gold hand truck, knowing the secret was to look nonchalant about it. The trip back outside was longer than the way in, and on the escalator I was confronted by my old mean bookstore manager, who sniffed in my direction and wouldn't speak to me. Suddenly I felt stupid for taking the hand truck - I only had one box to bring in. John C. was there and pestered me as usual about reading the book.
  • The good guys and the bad guys were on the back of the boat and I swear I only turned my back for a MINUTE but when I came back, they'd killed Mozart.

    He was gone, anyway, and the fishline was spooling out behind the boat.   We couldn't do anything,   said the main bad guy.   It all happened so fast.

    I was silent for a moment.   Your master plan is lacking. But your MYSTERY plan - now, that shows promise.   My quick eye had caught a parchment in tupperware. They were going to affix it to the line and say it was the only retrievable item from Mozart's drowning, that his body was lost but they'd found the parchment he was grasping. His last words. I read it; it was some bullshit about Napoleon.   Whatever, it's your fake murder.   I went back to the front of the boat, disgusted.