1. One of the things I appreciate
  2. about others who dress well
  3. is the pleasing feeling I get
  4. when I gaze upon them.
  5. The other day I was telling
  6. a friend of mine about
  7. this book I had read, it
  8. was written by a woman
  9. named Carol Tuttle, I had
  10. heard her speak years ago.


  1. The book is called
  2. Dressing Your Truth
  3. I use it when I talk 
  4. to people about their
  5. footwear, as I believe
  6. that building a wardrobe
  7. makes more sense than
  8. randomly picking out
  9. items you like when
  10. you are shopping.


  1. Looking and feeling 
  2. your personal best
  3. requires a plan. There
  4. are people who want
  5. to look better, and those
  6. who are offended when
  7. you suggest that perhaps
  8. they would be better off
  9. trying a strategy that
  10. works better for them.


  1. My philosophy is simple,
  2. focus on what you like,
  3. share those insights and
  4. compliments with people
  5. when you notice what 
  6. they are doing well. It's
  7. worked well for me in 
  8. the past. People receive
  9. the positive affirmation
  10. and praise and behavior changes.


  1. This doesn't always work,
  2. take an isolated incident,
  3. I once asked a guy if anyone
  4. else had told him that he
  5. looked scrumptious in black.
  6. Powerful would have been a 
  7. better word choice. He looked 
  8. sublime, delectable, good enough to
  9. eat, perhaps I can be forgiven.


  1. Carol's idea is that people
  2. have energy that expresses
  3. itself in specific ways, rather
  4. than an exact or precise
  5. system she recognizes that
  6. we all have a degree of 
  7. each energy type, but will
  8. lead with a specific one.
  9. Type one is airy, type two 
  10. flows, type three erupts,


  1. Type four is still. She says
  2. these people are frequently
  3. misunderstood, unlikely to
  4. subscribe to her system,
  5. for they are their own 
  6. authority and do not change
  7. quickly. The next time I saw
  8. the black shirt it was an
  9. accidental encounter.
  10. Ironically, I was also in black