A dorm at the University of Arkansas which is divided into suites, which basically means that you share a bathroom with a loser who is typically an order of magnitude or so more disgusting than you are. They throw a roll of toilet paper into your room once a week whether you need it or not, resulting in the accumulation of a metric assload of toilet paper over the course of a year.

The furniture sucks, even though you do get a fridge with the room(a perk at the U of A).

It used to be the atheltic dorm. Named after the Waltons, who have apparently given somewhere on the order of a metric fuckload of money to the university, which perhaps is fitting, since they own Wal-Mart, which manages to consume roughly half of the average college kids income.

If you're going to be living on campus for God's sake don't live here. Live in Gregson Hall if you can.