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jaslak (n.): Usually referring to, jaslak is rarely met species. Lives in northern part (Lapland) of Finland in northern europe, in city called Inari. Has long hair, eyeglasses, is aliased as 'The Fallen'. Also seen in MUDs, ca.lled Gol. Thinks that religious people are mostly fooling themselves, sees microsoft as the Beast but likes also to annoy BLight by referring to OSS movement in general as 'those GNU-communists'. Is coding with BLight game going. to be published as Free Software. Codes in C. Listens music: Theatre of Tragedy, Sentenced and such. Also, All jaslaks LOVE Babylon 5. Babylon 5 is the truth! Vorlons are in! Shadows rock! No comments about Star Trek - had no chance t.o see it.