Mirah Yom Tov Zeitlyn was born on September 17, 1974 in Philadelphia, PA "on a kitchen table." The youngest of three children in an artistic family, Mirah grew up mostly in Bala Cynwyd (is that Welsh?), a suburb of Philadelphia.

As a teenager, Mirah moved to Olympia, WA to attend The Evergreen State College. After graduation she stayed on in Olympia and began making music. Her voice got her noticed while she performed as front woman for a jazz band that played wedding parties and bar mitzvahs. She taught herself to play the guitar and began releasing albums while performing with them. In 2001 she moved back to Philadelphia. Update 1/31/2003: conform says "Mirah has moved back to the Northwest and is living in Portland, OR."

The music that she plays is emotional and moody indie rock, centering on her lyrical wordplay often accompanied solely by her on guitar, at least on the one album I have. Often the lyrics focus on relationships and can be sexual in nature. She can be found on tour as a solo act and with The Microphones, to whose albums she has also contributed. For those that like band comparisons, I've read that Mirah is similar to Cat Power and Liz Phair, but I'm not familiar enough with either of them to confirm or deny this.

Full Length Albums: