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Hi. I'm Jammer. Also known under such various names as drivet, orp, crib death, synnr, and studog (and irl as Robert Jones. Boring name if I ever heard one). I'm a freak. I'm a linux weenie. I'm the inventor of the word "yark". I. have incredible problems writing about myself, so I'll just write about the things I like. I like music, especially punk and industrial. I enjoy the whole pagan-Discordian-chaos magick thought chain. I'm at my conservative a libertarian, often more of a rational anarchist. And I'm also schizo, so any of this is likely to changge tomorrow. Oh yeah.. one more thing. I love my girlfriend Kirsten. *grin* If ya wanna know more, check out my webpage..

(2007 edit: damn things change in a decade. Alot of that's still the same, but I'm not quite so stupid. And Kirsten's a bitch.)