Interesting day at work. I get there early at 10am since my boss asks me to come in early to get something important done. He shows up 30 minutes later. I don't bother to go talk to him until an hour later, and he doesn't have anything new to give me to do. No big deal, it's supposed to be a short day anyway (everyone is leaving at 3pm I'm told), so I'm not complaining. I leave at noon for lunch to join some people from another department who are leaving work at noon for the day and are just joining us for lunch. So the deal is they are done for the day and we have to go back after lunch. Well we get back, and our boss tells us to go on home, everyone else left. So essentially, I didn't do anything; I might as well have not even come in today. Oh well :)

I sent Sara another email.. just trying to increase the intensity a bit to see if I can get a reaction one way or the other.

I went to see Miss Congeniality tonight; I'm a Sandra Bullock fan, and this movie didn't quite look as bad as the past few, so I gave it a try. It was better than I expected.