The text is also known as just the Hacker Manifesto, but was originally titled Conscience of a Hacker. It was written in 1986 by Loyd Blankenship at age 21 while going through hacking withdrawl after his arrest. Found everywhere on the internet now, it was first published in Phrack: Volume One, Issue 7.

Part of the manifesto was read in a small scene in the 1995 move Hackers. Two cops sitting in their car are on a stakeout for the reckless newbie hacker who couldn't cover his tracks very well. They go through "evidence" and read some of the above piece. As it is read, the younger cop's face shows a concealed appreciation for the gist of the manifesto while the other, more elder cop just gives a snide laugh.

In 2002 during H2K2, Loyd gave a reading of the text and spoke at length about it. He says he still gets 5-10 emails a week from people regarding the text.