The Dino Riders' story began when the Rulons conquered the Valorian home planet. Questar and friends attempt to escape but are pursued by a group of Rulons led by Krulos. In a last ditch effort to evade their pursuers the small group of Valorians use the S.T.E.P. time traveling device. They end up in pre-historic Earth with Krulos and his merry band of amphibian/reptilian creatures. Utilizing their telepathic powers the Valorians are able befriend the dinosaurs (this being where the riding thing comes in). Krulos and his Rulon minions, utilizing their evil powers, develop "brain boxes" which, when placed on the head of a dinosaur, put them under Krulos' control.

The whole thing began in 1987 as an amazing line of toys. Comics were shipped with some of the sets and from this an animated series was developed. Sadly, it only lasted twelve episodes.

episode list:

Revenge Of The Rulons (DR)
The Rulon Stampede (DR)
The Blue Skies Of Earth (DR)
Toro, Toro, Torosaurus (DR)
T-Rex (DR)
Krulos (DR)
Tagg, You're It! (DR)
Thanksgiving (DR)
To Lose The Path (DR)
Enter The Commandos (DR)
Battle For The Brontosaurus (DR)
One To Lead Us (DR)