PAX TV is a broadcast television network committed to "airing family-friendly programming." They promise to feature shows that "embody strong values and positive role models" and are free from "excessive violence, explicit sex, and foul language."

It debuted on August 31, 1998 as America's seventh network. It is a service of Paxson Communications Corporation. It is currently broadcast over air and carried on cable, depending on the market. After one year, the network garnered its highest market share, an average national rating of 1.1 on NTI (Neilsen) for the week of August 23-27 (8 - 11pm).

On a personal note, it seems "strong values" translates into "religious beliefs" since a large portion of their shows are centered around Christian theology. For example: Touched by An Angel, It's a Miracle, and Father Dowling Mysteries. Of course, the schedule also includes shows about crass commercialization (Shop Til You Drop), so I'm not quite sure what that says about their "values."