As a testament of how Filipinos overcome disaster and a testament to their Catholic faith, after the eruptions, many handicrafts made from the ash were sold. Visiting one of many markets or an SM's "Native Handicrafts" section, one can easily find idols. My mother has a Madonna with Child made out of ash that was somehow congealed together.

Or maybe it's a testament to their enterprise.

Totally unrelated trivia: a loose translation of "Pinatubo" from Tagalog means "Made to Flow."

Also, as an addendum to ailie's writeup, the damage was not the only factor for discontinuing Clark Air Base's operations. Some people at the time resented the American military presence and had been mounting protests. In my opinion, Clark brought many jobs and benefits, but it was also about national pride. Some people were still sore from the American colonization after the Spanish were ousted.