A game frequently played on Internet Relay Chat (IRC). The basic premise is to create the best meaning for a given abbreviation (or acronym, as the case may be).

Games are mostly automated by a bot running the Acromania script. I have only seen scripts for the Eggdrop bots, but I am sure scripts exist for other bots and clients.

A player initiates play with a command that triggers the bot to start a game. Play is carried out in rounds, where ten (10) rounds is most common.

A round consists of the bot displaying a (pseudo)randomly-generated abbreviation (ie., "NYWIH"). Players then have a certain amount of time to privately message their answers to the bot (ie., "nubile young women in heat"). Players usually have the option to change their answers before the time limit expires. When the time limit expires, the bot displays all the given answers. Players then vote for the best answer. Players usually cannot vote for their own answer. Depending on the number of votes an answer gets, points are awarded to the author.

This continues for the specified number of rounds, and the player with the most points wins.

It's quite addictive as it offers a creative challenge and a social atmosphere. As many IRC servers do not allow bots, it is sometimes hard to find an operational Acromania bot. Your best bet is to try and see if an #acromania channel exists.