Refreshing to run into
you, a river
in the midst of everything.

It is easy and good to be surprised at
your warm and gentle currents

and at their strength;

the air outside seems strange
when i also am wet;
we play in the shallows
and then
the deeps. Friendly ripples wave hello.
Sometimes where i pass, there are eddies.

And when we play
it is easy to forget
that your source
is in the far mountains
and while you are with me

you are so many places at once.
Our travels may seem perpendicular.
But i thank you.

Your waters carry leaves and
blossoms (and stranger debris) by me.
I haven't seen these mountains or orchards.
When the clouds pass,
your waters darken too.
Sometimes i wish i were a fish.

Sometimes I wish
it were easier to build a bridge.
So desu neh.