Hey listen, my friends. Friend. The database, with all your eyes. I just want to say that i was always one you could trust no matter what i said to the contrary. I'm not half so crazy as you think. No one is half so crazy. There are many more halves than one(two).

I didn't think i'd make it here and here we are and some of us are friends already but we're still working out who we're sure of and what the names of the others are. Dannye is more unnerving than i thought he'd be but we're all a little nervous, un-nerved, or were, so i headed to the comfortable place, the kitchen. Left all else in fez's car, since that's been kinda home for so long. Portland: i say i miss it, but it's been so long, any idea of a fixed home is hazy. The front seat amid debris. The blurring landscape. Faces at the end.

Ah, the brilliant competency! I'd been wanting to cook with jinmyo and look she's whirling around the kitchen as if the ingredients themselves are commanding her about. I hardly have time to process what's going on, and wikkiteeth is grinning the grin i've known for years to mean something's up and i'll be finding out soon. It ought to be pleasant.

I suppose i'll update later. There's too much to see. People here are strange. I suppose the gods would be the exaggerated ones. I think the foregoing is a joke. This whole world is a jjjoke. I think I am optimistic. People are strange. I think i need to just watch for a while. yes, i need to watch.

"How do you know I'm mad?" said Alice.