no grasp.
my inner ear must be out of order -
i have no sensation of acceleration
but the sound of air says i'm falling.

In a pane of treated glass, tiny flaws can develop, invisible, and persist undetected for years until someone brushes against the glass or leans on it and it explodes in a shower.

"Live simply that

a snarl, rope with no beginning


a place, blame with no object

may simply

a fall, the air is familiar, motion different


Or a change in atmospheric pressure can cause the glass to shatter. No shocks, imps, touch required. Just this sudden transformation of a clear pane to a pile of gemlike - nothing. Those in the room may stop, fork frozen halfway to their mouth, or leap up bewildered, speechless, knocking over a wineglass, the stain spreading unnoticed...

How can we understand breakage with no moment of impact?