Moj, you sick bastard,

Now you've got mama crying. First you take her savings and run off to the city, yeah ok you said you'd pay us back and you never did but then you return all our mail! Why did you do that! Then these woman are showing up at our door all knocked up and desperate, so we take care of them like decent folks, but I Guess you wouldn't know about that! Because you don't read the leters! Just because your all educated now doesnt mean your better than us!

Your babie's are really cute, but the girl left, she wasnt very smart anyway.

But DAMNIT moJoe, I'm your SISTER! You couldn't get with me if you tried, cause I know where you've been! I know you used to wet your bed, and didnt have any friends, and tried to lech on mine, and you BASTARD, now you don't even remember who I am! We got your new address from the newspaper, but I dont think we'll bother coming to visit.

Don't bother, we can do ok without you.