Socrates never said things like, "I know, learn from me." Instead, he encouraged people who came to him in pursuit of knowledge to think for themselves by asking them questions. In his dialogue in meno, Socrates proved that an illiterate boy with zero days of schooling understood geometry. The American school system and many schools through out the globe are getting away from learning by repetition, such as memorizing facts, and are experimenting with, and often times implementing the "Socratesian" way of teaching.

Every one is gifted in one form or another, it is what we can extract out of people, and not what we can stuff into people, that most old days philosophers like Plato and Socrates concentrated on. This can be verified by reading their dialogues, in which Plato or Socrates stimulate people by asking questions, instead of answering questions asked to them.

This may or may not work for subjects with alot of memorization like biology or history, but still, history is open to interpretation by analyzing historical events from different sources and angles.