Ahsa is a city located aproximatley 200 Kilometers south east of Bahrain island along the Arabian peninsula. Historicaly the eastern strip of the peninsula was refered to as Al Hasa and Bahrain. Qatar was also part of Ahsa, however, feuding between rival shiekhs on both Qatar and Bahrain and the following carving up of the Middle East by the British gained the Qatari peninsula its independence. Prophet Mohammed mentioned Ahsa in a hadith praising the quality of its palm tree dates. To this day, the best dates grown in the Arabian peninsula can still be found in Ahsa. From ancient times to the recent oil boom, Ahsa relied on farming to sustain its economy because of the many under ground resivours located beneath it. Today, the eastern strip of Saudi Arabia running from Kuwait in the north to the UAE in the south is simply refered as the Eastern Province. The majority of the Eastern province population are Sunni and, the majority of the population inside Ahsa are Shi'ites.