Dear noders of musical inclination:

I need your help bigtime. You see, I have planned a post-graduation, pre-grad school road trip with a friend of mine. We plan on taking in the Northern tier, Alaska, the California coast, Vegas, New Orleans, Graceland, you name it. We are on a mission to find America.

The projected duration of this road trip is six weeks. Obviously, this entails a lot of driving, and neither of us has anywhere near six weeks' worth of music suitable for driving.

This, my friends, is where you come in. I am asking for your driving mixes, your recommendations, your MP3s... any and everything you can give. And I need it within the next three weeks. If you can put up MP3s on FTP for me, so that I can burn them, that's excellent. If you have some mixes already together or want to throw some together for me, so that I don't have to pick tracklists myself, that's even better. And if you want to send me burned CDs so that I don't spend an entire week sitting in front of the burner, you are a God among men. Any of these options you choose will result in your getting at least a postcard from somewhere cool, and possibly even a letter or a nicknack. I reward virtue to the extent possible.

If you can help me out, do contact me onsite or via email ( or AIM (hodgepodge03). I will glorify you in my daylogs from the trip. (see also my homenode for glorification of those who have already offered their help)

God bless.