Also a type of cheese which takes its name from the fact that it is hand-moulded. Hand is an American cheese that was first brought there by farmers of German descent who settled in Pennsylvania. It is still made on some farms today, although it is most commonly made in factories.

Hand is a small cheese with a powerfully pungent smell and taste. Carraway seeds are often added to it for extra flavour. It is made from skimmed sour milk, and usually comes in the shape of a flat disc. It is surface-ripened for 6-8 weeks prior to being smeared with a solution of mould-producing bacteria. It has a firm, rubbery texture and a pale yellow interior.

Hand is quite nutritious, however, boasting a low fat content and a high level of protein. Many varieties of Hand cheese are popular in Germany and are usually known by the name Harz. Often, Germans will melt their Harz cheese into their beer and then drink the mixture.