So I decided to walk to work yesterday, which one would think was a good idea, exercise supposedly being so healthy and all. In actual fact, walking to work turned out to be a horrible idea, because on my way I passed a dead cat half-wrapped in a sheet of wax paper, decomposing in the sweltering heat of the midday sun. Naturally, I'd never seen anything like that before, and was torn between my sick desire to peek at the poor, rotting thing, and my equally strong urge to vomit and turn back the way I came.

Today, as my bus went by the same spot I noticed that the cat was gone, although the wax paper remained as some sort of eerie reminder. Clearly, it didn't get up and leave, so I was left wondering whose job exactly it was to remove dead cats from city streets. If I chose the wrong major in university, or even worse, flunked out completely, would I end up being the person whose job it was to take care of that sort of thing? It's not like I don't have previous experience, I can remember this one time at summer camp when a counsellor-in-training and I found a dead mouse in one of the toilets in the guys' washroom, and with him being a responsible, seasoned professional, and me being ten years old, he naturally delegated the task to me of ensuring the mouse's removal, armed with nothing more than an empty yogurt container and a stick.

I'd better stop the trip down memory lane there, as I don't want to make anybody sick or wake up tomorrow morning to find myself downvoted into oblivion. Although I'm not entirely sure it's not too late. So what exactly is the point of this? Is there even a point? And am I always going to write a daylog after I encounter a dead person or animal?

Well I guess I'm trying in my own roundabout and uniquely disgusting way, to reinforce the point that it's never too early for me to start figuring out what I want to do in life and how I can set goals to achieve that. Even if I've got a pretty useless major. If I leave serious decisions to the last minute I could end up like a wax paper wrapped cat on the side of the road. And who the hell takes the time to wrap their dead cat fairly securely in wax paper but doesn't have the decency to bury the poor thing, or at least stash it somewhere slightly more secluded than a fairly busy public sidewalk?