This is another phone folding (text-based) origami model. It's name is the "Tumbling Man" and it is originally by Seiro Takekawa.

  1. Start with a square, crease in half from side to side.
  2. Fold one side in to the central crease.
  3. Fold the opposite side also, then unfold.
  4. Your paper is now divided into three sections, one is two layers thick. Fold the corners of the double layer in at 45 degrees to lie along the inside edge.
  5. Fold the two other (single) corners in to lie along the crease.
  6. The fold should be symmetrical with 6 short sides and two longer ones.
  7. The paper is still divided into three sections. Fold the two longer sides in to meet the inside edge and crease respectively. The central third is still clear.
  8. The paper should have two triangular sections at either (short) side. Fold in the short (raw, not folded) edge at one side making a crease that passes through the inside corners of two triangles. When you do the same on the other side, the two raw edges should meet at the center.
  9. Open these edges out at right angles to form a shape like a letter C.
  10. One side of the fold is thicker (extra layers). Stand the fold with this side on top, the sides of the "C" facing away from you. If you (gently) tip the top edge with your finger, it should roll away from you and perform a somersault! Let your friend try it with the thin edge on top and it won't work (not enough weight).