Several things:

Don't boil the kettle twice. if you are going to be really fussy in your search for a decent cup of tea, empty the kettle completely, before filling it up for your pot of tea. Thus you avoid getting lots of sediment and limescale kicking around. You can warm the pot by pouring in some almost boiling water. By the time the pot has got nice and warm, the kettle will be boiling happily, and the water ready to use for tea.

Tea bags are evil and wrong. Use leaf tea that you have kept out of bright light, and away from strongly stinky other stuff. (You'd be amazed by the stuff in people's cupboards)

Putting the milk in first is one way of preventing the tannin in the tea staining your china, and making it harder to wash. The practice is therefore associated with those people who can't afford servants to wash their cups and saucers. Also, by the time the tea has brewed, it will be cool enough to pour into a cup without cracking it. Anyway putting the milk in first is icky, and it tastes bad. Put the milk in second. Always.

Never never never put cream in tea. Cream goes in coffee. Milk, or lemon, depending on what sort of tea. Milk in Earl Grey is plain weird.