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  • I was driving to the bank. My dad had just given me $1,000 for some car business and I was going to deposit what I had left. On my way, I stopped at a convience store.

    When I walked into the store, no one was behind the counter. I called out because I wanted someone to know he had a customer and that I wasn't stealing. I saw a door in the back open, and one out of three guys seated at a table came out to the counter.

    I looked through the store, and decided I wanted a jolt cola. I brought it to the counter. There was $5 on the counter. The employee gave me the $5. He then rung up $1.75 (The price of the soda), then $5 (Supposedly what I gave him.) The register said $3.25. He gave me $3.25 in change.

    I then said, "What do I owe ya? $10?" as I opened my wallet. I looked through for a $10, seeing and remembering the hundreds of dollars I was carrying on me. I said something like, "Heh.. You sure are making me use a big bill for such a small item," because I wasn't sure what that whole $5 business was about.

    The employee must have seen the $100 bills in my wallet. He said, "Actually.. You are going to give me your wallet so I can pay off what I owe to my friend. Listen, listen, listen!" as he pulled a gun into my face.

    I was quite scared, and I thought of asking him how much his debt was so I could just give him that money.