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Hmm, this is a writeup... At least that's what they tell me. Strange muscular visitors, including those big muscled russian swimmer chicks pumped up on steroids, feel free to... hit the keyboard... or whatever works.
The last thing we need. to do is divulge trivial personal info on here... Wait, why not, this appears to be the only place where you can see an odd link between cows and that nasty blue gunk they put on school walls... at least, I think there is.
I am a person, I 26 chromosomes, I am bipedal, I have hair on top of my head. I am male (ooh, the meretricious details emerge!)
As can be guessed by where I appear on this thing I'm still trying to quantify, I'm a techie, computer geek, your synonym here.. I am not a programmer, I am a trained bug writer. At least, that's what my compiler tells me. Oh well, regardless, there's still more dignity in that than being a cow chaser or something of that sort.
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