Brief: Steven King meets Isaac Asimov in a 3000+ page space opera masterpiece.

Long: Written by the british sci-fi writer Peter F Hamilton. Huge 3000+ page space opera that rivals the great mastepieces such as Frank Herbert's Dune, Frederik Pohl's Heechee Saga or Larry Niven's Ringworld. What makes the Night's Dawn Trilogy so exciting, though, is that it is not just another space-opera in the classic sense. The story is a gripping fusion of sci-fi horror and suspense. It is set in a far-future universe where mankind has spread over the galaxy and settled many stars. The sheer vastness and complexity of Hamilton's universe is unsurpassed, not even Isaac Asimov's venerable Foundation Trilogy can match the level of detail, the smattering of fresh ideas, invention, technology. I strongly advise everybody not to read the summaries because it seriously spoils the reading experience. It is a must-read for anybody interested in sci-fi.

Other works by the author include the Greg Mandel Trilogy