I've noticed that most every time I've heard this it was intensely untrue. It's too easily used as a seemingly easy way to have someone think that you really care. Usually, but not always, it's simply muttered as a last ditch effort to console, comfort a broken heart, to raise fallen eyes that simply don't want to look at a world full of so much hurt.

It's to the point, at least with me, that hearing these words angers me. I can't believe it and it just makes everything seem much worse. "This is going to hurt me more than it is going to hurt you", so don't do it, that's all I could ever think when it was said to me. If it's going to hurt so badly then why bother doing it at all? "I don't want to walk away from this, but I have to", no, no you don't, you didn't have to you wanted to and there is a difference. Granted, there are times when walking away is for the best, but it's too hard to differentiate between when that is the case, and when someone is simply too weak and foolish to deal with things that life throws at them.

I suppose that this could be used as a ploy for sympathy and understanding but most times it wouldn't be found from me. I feel no pity for a pain that you are creating because your world was simply too dull, or not what you wanted but to drag it on for so long and then thrust such words in my face as if it would help. "I'm hurting too", you know what? Good.

I'm sure sometimes it is truth, but I'll never believe it from him, or most anyone ever again.. its sort of odd how lies erase and obscure to such an extreme extent.