The air is so thick with humidity that it's to the point I scarcely believe that swimming in the atmosphere is an impossible feat. The trees aren't swaying but instead slipping to one side and then back to one point, the same point every time as if there is an unseen force holding them past a place they'll not reach until afterwards, that is, after the storm. I can feel it brewing amongst the dreary gray clouds in the form of the moisture that permeates my damp, almost uncomfortable clothing. The mixture of air masses today seem to indicate one thing.. and I welcome it in all it's violent, raging intensity. I long to see the flashes of light that illuminate a night sky, the winds that force leaves from their secure place upon the branches of my favourite trees. I want to see the curtains waving in the wind that seeps through an open window, and I want to feel the floor shake beneath me as the thunder rumbles and the rain pours down hard in a barrage of unmatched ferocity.

I want to curl up with you floating in my mind and gaze into the sky, almost wincing as the lightning crashes around me.. this is the kind of weather that spawns fierce unyielding winds, the likes of which destroy lives.. and yet, I want only for nature to throw all that it has at us. I feel safe inside here, not within these walls they're weak in comparison to such storms.. I've found solace, a sort of dangerous protection, in the thought of you.