look at the stars, look how they shine for you

you are so young living in this old world. a little girl with your crowns and looks, with your eyeball finger puppets and don't you feel so small when you're lost like that? unfamiliar roads always scare me, i hope you weren't scared.

you smell right and good you smell like comfort and special. you came so far just to see me and you sounded stressed and away when you first called, i worried this was too much, that you shouldn't be driving so far and taking time from the way life makes us all rushed and busy and hurry or you'll let someone some thing fall.

why does it feel as if worlds will collapse unless one of us is there to hold them up?

so i will think of you every time i see the little fuzz on james dean's noggin', and i will think of you as i try and remember how to write again. and you should know i was floating in my head for hours thinking about writing a cookbook like that. and you're right, no one would know, except me, and they would wonder why anyone would need to know how the dried basil should fall across the chicken like a slow aching snow fall (the sort where you know it is getting colder and colder and soon there will be nothing left to do but wait until it leaves again). i don't even know what i am talking about, not at all.

i am so glad that i can connect you with your words, that you weren't falling over yourself uncomfortable and i was shy too, i was so shy. (i was also exhausted, relieved that you didn't seem bothered by the absence of spring in my movement). peeking out the window at a distance i wondered a million things and you would have laughed at me fretting as i waited for you. (you would have laughed more if you could have seen me pacing when i could not figure out where you might be for an hour or so.)

i love the little jewelled crown and the feather'y pink and i played with my eyeball puppet all evening. i thought of you while we watched the simpsons and was disappointed you couldn't have stayed longer. at the same time, i am so very glad that you managed to make it here at all.

it was very nice to meet you, princess gracie, we will have to go for tea, some time. you are exactly the right amount of crazy-lovely-dreamy.