I hadn't seen him for a long time when I found out he was killed in a car accident by some drunk driver. I hadn't talked to him, heard from him, and to be honest I probably hadn't even really thought of him for quite some time. I never forgot, though, I couldn't.

When I was about 5 years old and just starting kindergarten, I was extremely nervous and it was rainy, I still remember it. I was standing at the end of my driveway and the bus monitor person, who happened to be J.C., got out of the bus and motioned for me to cross. I tripped and fell in the mud. I just wanted to run back to the house and never go to school again. It seemed like the biggest deal in the world. I still remember, he came and picked me up and carried me onto the bus, helped me clean off my dress a bit. I doubt he even remembered it, but I always have. I had such a crush on him for the longest time. He used to come over to our house every so often on his bike and hang out, so that his parents wouldn't catch him smoking. He-he.. sweet little deviant.

He was part of my life, if only briefly (at least it seems so brief now), and being that it was two years ago that he died (as of July 1st), I thought I'd node the memoriam that appeared in the newspaper. (His family placed it.)
You will never know
What we would give to hear you say
To hear your voice,
To see you smile,
To watch you horse around a while,
To watch you grow,
Become a man,
Lord what we would give
To have you home again.
We see you when we close our eyes
Our tears are warm
Our hearts still cry.
We question the Lord,
For what he has done,
There must be a good reason,
He chose you, our son.
As the weeks, months and years go by,
We still have trouble, wondering why.
So as we sit quietly in the dark,
You know you will be always
Close in our hearts.
The night you left us
Was Canada Day
Fireworks lit the sky
To show you the way.
You were laid to rest
On Independence Day
This stands for freedom.
You are in God's hands
We know you are okay
We know fate works in mysterious ways
But we will all be a family again some day.
You were the dreamiest of little humans, J.C., I'll never forget you.