I find it easier to read things, when they are in lower case. Capitals look so out of place, to me.. at least, where prose, or creative pieces are concerned. (Though, I amend my thought process ever so slightly, with little harm done, depending on which way the author chose to present their work.)

Maybe it isn't so fair to impose restrictions on such stuff? It is 'art'. Would you have me turn my spoon, even though it catches morning sunlight just so, if I hold it in a way I was never taught to hold it, in the first place? I'll not miss out on the bits of beautiful sunlight bending and filling my eyes, simply because it is a little too bright.

I often wonder, how anyone is so sure of e.e. cummings thought process regarding writing style.. interesting that it would be an excercise in crushing a potentially brilliant artist, were someone to take this capitalization matter to heart.

Every so often, I get so disheartened at the way things are smothered simply to adhere to conventional standards, that could probably stand a little change, anyway.