fuck 'em if they can't take a joke... right?

this odd feeling like peaceful, calm, soft almost.. breathing and too aware of eyelids.

it's just this - i'll be anywhere a while and i won't see anyone for a long time. and i won't really care. but i think i start to empty out, gather dust? everything feels like too quiet and this odd sadness finds its way in..

and i don't really care. and it's really kind of nice, sometimes, when it's this quiet. and you're all white noise and the world is all white noise and i forget how to speak. how to form words. because i don't want to.

i think that people talk too much. i miss animal eyes and my baby. i miss giant horse eyes peering through splintered failing wood. it is hard not to appreciate the things you'll find there..

sometimes i look into people's eyes and i don't see anything at all. not one thing.

i've fallen asleep again, and when i wake up you won't be here..