The voters would really have to be pretty senile* not to be able to figure out eventually how the "butterfly ballot" works. At first look the ballot may seem new, but it has cleary marked arrows pointing to each of the punch holes for each candidate.

A picture of the ballot can be found currently at:

74 second graders were given a butterfly ballot with disney characters on them and told to vote for their favorite character. After the vote was taken, they checked to see if the children voted properly and all 74 voted properly.

* Exaggerated to make a point

liha: I read the article, and in Massachusetts they got rid of the ballot because the machine couldnt read the ballots properly because of the chads (pieces of paper still hanging on to the ballot, that shouldn't be there), not because of confusion in voting. CNN even said "In Florida, the problem with the butterfly is more complex and, to date, mainly has to do with ballot design and voter error."

And you're comparing the population of your county to the population of the state of Texas? There's a slight difference.

I heard about the test with the second graders, I must admit, on the Rush Limbaugh show. He is probably biased, but I do not believe him to be a liar. Especially on his show. I also admit, I do not have specifics on this test.