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No, I am not related to Steve Wozniak. However, I do think he is quite cool.

I'm a 3rd year CompSci student at the University of Western Ontario. I'm also the computer tech and sysadmin for the Instructional Media Services department at sai.d university.

I have a loving girlfriend and plan to be with her for a long time. If you don't have such a relationship, I hope you do someday. It is very rewarding.

I want to write device drivers for Linux to get soundcards to work. &.I would also like to get involved with professional quality audio programs and/or compilers. I'm drawn to hardware in various ways, but I'm not an electrical engineer. It's just an interest.

I took a record production course at Fanshawe Col.lege a few years ago (I had a band... still play guitar/bass for kicks) and since getting into computers, I have some more than likely unrealistic goals for audio software. No matter. Onward, I say. Onward!