credo is also the name of an excellent Chaosium card game in which the players, each representing a faction from the early Christian church, struggle to conform the credo of the Christian religion.

Designed for two to five players, it is exhilarating, at the same time providing a quite acurate historical simulation of how this credo (first w/u above) may actually have been formed.

Currently out of catalog, due to the demise of Chaosium Inc. the game is compromised of Church, Doctrine and Event cards, a church display for each player and a credo display. The church cards depict church elements such as bishops, prayers (called flock), and secular politic figures. The more cards a player have, more votes in the Council, therefore more credo articles approved.

The object of the game is to achieve the largest Flock at the end of the game, or at any moment achieve 11 million flock, or acquire 17 votes in the Council.

Credo is copyright 1993 C. V. Gidlow