The engineering bridge programs to the University of Victoria at Camosun College are best described as a six month hell march. Presently, one can choose the mechanical, electrical, or computer engineering bridge programs.

The entrance requirement is a two-year engineering technology diploma from a recognized college. All three bridge programs have common first quarter courses, with field-specific courses in the second quarter. The teachers are nice and quite good, but 33 hours of classes is a bit much. People have burned out already.

Women in engineering are somewhat uncommon, but there were 2 out of 70 that started the program. That's the most abysmal ratio I've ever seen. Basically, no eye candy for three months until the semester students start in September. The first day back, I couldn't believe how many girls (perhaps guys too, but they got filtered) there were. Too bad we don't really have time.

If you're thinking of taking the bridge program, consider that you just might devote six months of your life to school. If you think taking three undergraduate liberal arts courses is a heavy course load, don't bother.