A British science fiction writer.

Born 1960 in Manchester, England, McDonald now lives in central Belfast; his alleged interests include cats, bonsai, bicycling and comics.

McDonald's literary debut was the short story "The Island of the Dead" in the Extro magazine. His first novel, Desolation Road came out in 1988. An unique blend of science fiction and magic realism in the finest A Hundred Years of Solitude vein, Desolation Road takes place on a surreal version of Mars, where Wellsian war machines, time travellers, AIs, saints and Glen Miller are equally at home. The novel demonstrates McDonald's amazing command of language and ability to evoke strong, poetic images.

Sacrifice of Fools (1996)is a lighter work, and seems to be McDonald's idea about how Alien Nation should have been done. Set in a near-future Belfast, it depicts the cultural clash between the Irish and an ancient alien race from the stars, the Shian.

Chaga (1995) and it's sequel Kirinya (1998) paint a vivid picture of a future Africa transformed by an alien self-replicating terraformer organism. A third book set in the same universe, Ananda is in the works.