The Edwin Smith Papyrus
Case Thirty-Four

TITLE: Instructions concerning a dislocation in his two collar-bones.

FIRST EXAMINATION: If thou examinest a man having a dislocation in his two collar-bones, shouldst thou find his two shoulders turned over (and) the head (s) of his two collar-bones turned toward his face.

FIRST DIAGNOSIS: Thou shouldst cause (them) to fall back, so that they rest in their places. Thou shouldst bind it with stiff rolls of linen; thou shouldst treat it afterward with grease (and) honey every day, until he recovers.

SECOND EXAMINATION: If, however, thou shouldst find his two collarbones having a rupture (or the tissue) over it, penetrating to the interior.

SECOND DIAGNOSIS: Thou shouldst say concerning him: "An ailment which I will treat." (Scribal error)

NOTE A: As for: "A dislocation in his two collar-bones "it means a displacement of the heads of his sickle-bone(s). Their heads are attached to the upper bone of his breast to his throat, over which is the flesh of his gorget, that is the flesh that is over his bosom. Two canals are under it: one on the right and (one) on the left of his throat (and) of his bosom; they lead to his lungs.

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