Teoma is a search engine that uses an advanced and innovative method to rank its results. The method is similar to Google’s, which ranks according to how many sites link to the site which has matched a search. Teoma differs in that it only counts links from other sites that matched the search criteria. The result of this is that sites that are respected by people in the same field rank higher than sites that are just generally popular.

This makes the search engine particularly good for finding detailed, non biased information as it sends sites that don’t want you to know about others (such as if they are trying to sell you something) down the list.

The site is still in beta and has a few problems, occasionally seeming to find very little about a subject at all. The technology used has been purchased by Ask Jeeves, and ask claim to have had a significant increase in their popularity since integrating it into their search. It is the only search engine I know of that can come close to giving google a run for its money. I wouldn’t say it was better than google, but it’s my second choice if google doesn’t seem to give me what I want, and my first for information on weird subjects that hardly crop up. Give it a try at www.teoma.com.

Oh, and no I don’t work for them.