follow your bliss.

i've come upon a realization. life sucks. but it happens, and there's always something to take over what's left behind. i never thought i'd be the one to say it. inspirational lectures an stuff usually make me real nauseous, actually they almost always do. i don't think it's necessarily believable to live a life entirely without fault, without something gnawing at you, to remind you that love can be a heartless bitch that leaves you stranded at a pool hall or that the loving figure you know as grandmother has decided to forget she knows you. but there's also the little things.

what happened to beauty?

sure, in this ever increasing world of overflowing crap it's hard to trust someone. anyone. i can only offer that nothing is as it seems, that you can find the most unlikely friend in a heap of shit.

as for the healing part, yer right. things leave, they change. things that don't seem to have the ability to be replaced. but time happens, and things go away, or at least are forgotten for a period.
i think that something only goes away if you want it to. but if something is your experience, it makes up part of you. why would you want it to vanish? good or bad, it's who you are. i think that it's alright to be bitter sometimes, it's part of life. things move in patterns, thats something that i've always seen. but i also think that sometimes we have to give up being bitter and start living.

omnia mutantur nihil interit - everything changes but nothing is truly lost (some old old roman dude that i think is beyond copyright)