World of Trouble
    Finely balanced ecosystem (one in a googolplex)
    Raw and fertile populace (one bucket)
    Fresh water (two cups)
    Finite amount of non-renewable resources (all)
    Fragile greenhouse
    Cauldron of Fundamentalism
    Stupidity Index Cards
    Manual of Scientific Studies and Human Knowledge
    Loving heart and cold-washed hands
    Lightly sprinkle with even distribution the Finite amount of non-renewable resources onto the ecosystem.
    Empty cups of water with tenderness into available dimples and furrows in the ecosystem.
    Carefully place ecosystem within fragile greenhouse with your loving heart and cold washed hands.
    Throw Manual away without consulting.
    Pick randomly from Stupidity index cards to establish: thrust of dumping bucket of humanity onto above and force of stirring above within cauldron.
Step back and watch your world of trouble grow!