prole, it isn't just you..
Maybe it's all of us. The stereotypical female wouldn't be on this site, and certainly wouldn't be reading Slashdot.
I look fairly girly, but when writing on the net I have found that if I don't specify my gender, people automatically assume I'm male unless I'm writing about women-related stuff, mainly because of my interests.
However I feel there's a certain point to trying to reclaim a definition of womanhood for ourselves. Many women, me included, reject traditional notions of what is 'feminine' and this has been discussed in stacks of nodes all over e2. But we ARE women, and men will always see us as such, however much we reject the stereotype. What we need is not an escape from that but a realworld, widely accepted positive definition of womanhood: not some token 'girl power' concept which merely rehashes the idea of women as silly, irrelevant sex objects, but one which includes science or skateboarding or computers or whatever else WE choose to include within it.
We all know the stereotype is outdated and false. The concept of 'woman' needs redefining. By being who we are, we make it happen.